a true method of family planning


FertilityCare™ is not contraception. It is true family planning. FertilityCare™ is a means by which a couple may either achieve or avoid pregnancy. The CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare™ System is a scientifically based program which has been extensively researched. It is based on the observation of cervical mucus, which has been shown to be the most accurate and reliable indicator of fertility. The concept of “taking a chance” is old and archaic since this method precisely identifies the true days of fertility or infertility.


Men and women share the responsibility for effective use of this method of family planning. Couples learn to mutually value, respect and understand their combined fertility. Loving cooperation is developed in the important matters of sexuality and family planning.


  • Medically safe – no health risks or side effects
  • Highly-reliable – 99 percent effective to avoid pregnancy
  • Morally acceptable – taught in churches and health institutions worldwide
  • Easy to learn – when professionally facilitated by a certified practitioner
  • Inexpensive – provides lifetime benefits for a minimal financial investment
  • Valuable – as an aid for couples who are having difficulty in achieving pregnancy
  • Highly versatile – can be used at any time during a woman’s reproductive life. Women who have irregular cycles, are breastfeeding or are pre-menopausal can all use the method effectively.


The CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare™ System is also an outstanding method of monitoring a woman’s gynecologic and reproductive health. Recent scientific advances have shown it to be of assistance in identifying subfertile states, ovarian cysts, hormone disorders, endometriosis and the possibility of miscarriage. It can also be very helpful in treating these conditions and others such as premenstrual syndrome. Your FertilityCare™ practitioner can be of assistance to you as you monitor your gynecologic and reproductive health.

Clinically Effective


What They Say

Attending the follow-up sessions gave me the chance to thoroughly understand the Creighton Model FertilityCare System and gave me the confidence to use it.”

Motivation for me to maintain consistency and acccountability with charting my cycles 

Personalized attention to our specific situation. 

The results! And customized care/diagnosis of issues after referral to a doctor.

I appreciated the option of the individualized face-to-face or video conference follow-up sessions for distance situations. Thorough acknowledgement of previous lessons.